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What We Do

Save the Children Nepal's top priorities from 2022 to 2024 focus on empowering children and youths to tackle the climate crisis, ensuring access to social protection services for families during shocks and disasters, promoting safe and effective learning environments both in schools and at home, and equipping children and families with knowledge and resources to safeguard their mental, sexual, and reproductive health.

To achieve meaningful impact for children, we leverage digital technology to engage with children and communities, fostering behavior change. We also establish strategic partnerships with the government and other stakeholders, working collaboratively to address the needs of children. We believe in sharing power with children, communities, and local partners, recognizing their essential role in shaping our initiatives. As an agile and inclusive organization, we continuously strive to maximize resources and opportunities for growth.

Together we will build a better world with and for Nepali children.

Save the Children in Nepal currently implements programmes in the following areas: