Friday 8 April 2022

WWF Nepal and Save the Children join hands to work on climate change and children

WWF Nepal and Save the Children signed an agreement to empower youth to lead advocacy and campaigning at the intersection of children, communities, environment, and conservation.

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Nepal ‘Little Jab Book’ Launched

Save the Children launched the Nepal Little Jab Book, a playbook featuring hackable behavior insights and solutions to strengthen vaccine uptake in Nepal

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Iswori turned her life around

Forced to get married when she was just 15, Iswori faced mental and physical abuse from her husband while facing traditional expectations her husband’s family has from a daughter-in-law. Read how our Sahayatra Project helped her start her school again.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Going back to school was smooth for Ghanashyam, thanks to the Reading and Math Club

Saturdays are special days for Ghanashyam (8). It is his favourite day as he gets to come to the Reading and Math Club organized in his school through the Samunnati project in Mahottari.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Institutional delivery becomes easier in Launiya

Sanichari gave birth to a healthy baby girl on June 8, 2021, in the newly established Launiya Birthing Center.