Women in Saptari Mark Breastfeeding Week

Sunday 7 August 2016

Sarita breastfeeding her daughter

To mark the world breast feeding week celebrated from 1-7 August every year, Save the Children in collaboration with District Public Health Office of Saptari conducted an interaction program to pregnant and lactating mothers at Paterwa VDC of Saptari on August 4. 65 women from 9 wards of the VDC attended the program. The interaction program was conducted with the aim of promoting exclusive breastfeeding and its importance. It also aimed to orient the pregnant and lactating mothers on the importance of exclusive breast feeding, right stages of breast feeding, right diet to the pregnant and lactating mothers and importance of visiting health facility for regular check-ups and delivery.

Public Health Nurse of DPHO, Ambika Oli oriented the participants on the importance of breastfeeding to both mother and child along with the importance of giving birth to a baby in a health facility. She also demonstrated the right ways of breastfeeding.

Not only pregnant and lactating mothers but also adolescent and newly married girls attended the program. At the end of the program, participants shared about their learnings in the session.

Nurse Oli demonstrating right way of holding a child while breastfeeding

“I have two daughters; one is 7 year old and the youngest is only 6 months old. I did not know about exclusive breastfeeding before attending the interaction program today. "I have been breastfeeding my daughters but didn't know about exclusively breastfeeding for first six months for their growth." says Sarita Devi,
"Along with breastfeeding, I would also give them water and juices. Now I know.”

Sarita, who already has two daughters, is happy with her two children and wants to give them the best care and support. She believes there’s no difference between son and daughter if daughters are provided with equal opportunities.

“I knew the concept of exclusive breastfeeding and its importance. I also gave birth to my children in a hospital. I am well aware of the diet and care during pregnancy and delivery but what I learnt new in this interaction session is we need to breast feed a child up to 15 minutes so that the child can have creamy milk. If breastfeeding is done for a very short time, child can only have watery milk with not sufficient nutrients”, says Sudha Kumari of Paterwa

“I did not know about the stages, position and timing of breast feeding after delivery”, says Saraswoti of Paterwa.