Woman on the Rise

Wednesday 19 August 2020

Blog post by Ayush Joshi

 Kaushila Chand, 33, grew up amidst the translucent changes in the country. The conflict between the then Maoist soldiers and the then Royal Nepalese Army was at its peak, and people’s life was dominated by uncertainty and fear. “The only thing people could talk about was the war,” explains Kaushila. She shares that her childhood memories are those of people migrating to safe spaces, and friends joining the rebel forces. “I found solace in the local child club, where I could mute the uncertainty, and be with friends.” In the child club, Kaushila realized the innate leadership quality inside her. “I used to lead the group, facilitate discussions, and discussing issues that mattered to us empowered me.” With the goal to serve the community, Kaushila joined a local organization, where she advocated for the rights of women and girls. “I designed sensitization campaigns on child marriage, violence against women, and with each passing day I felt like I was working for the greater good.”

She joined Save the Children in the year 2015, and reminiscences of the very first humanitarian response she was a part of. “I joined the organization, and I was told to go to the field and be part of the flood response action. I was terrified.” Despite her nervousness, Kaushila joined the response team and supported local level coordination for effective aid distribution. “At first, people smirked, and doubted my capability. But as I worked day and night, they became more friendly towards me. But the best part of this job is the smile that greets you, the thank you and blessings that you are showered with by the people.” Kaushila is one of the front liners supporting Save the Children’s COVID-19 life-saving actions, and spearheading community campaigns to address stigma and discrimination towards migrant workers in behest of the pandemic. “COVID-19 has created turbulence in people’s lives. But the very thought that organizations like Save the Children are on the ground and are helping people empowers me to do more,” concludes the brave humanitarian hero on the ground.  


Joshi is the Communications Manager for Save the Children in Nepal