When rickshaw pullers took out a rally

Thursday 30 October 2014

Rickshaw pullers of Rajbiraj paddling in the streets expressing their commitment to act against child marriage

Dwellers of Rajbiraj were surprised to see rickshaw pullers in red t-shirts, without passengers paddle around the city on 23 September. At around 2 in the afternoon, when number of rickshaws on the street was thinning, a rickshaw puller's rally grabbed everyone's attention.

The 91 rickshaw pullers of Rajbiraj were expressing their commitment to act against child marriage by pledging to not get their children married before the age of 20. The rally was kicked off by veteran journalist Baidhyanath Jha who paddled the first rickshaw of the rally. The District Child Welfare Board Saptari organized the rally with support from Save the Children.

However, the child marriage facts speak the bitter truth that 62.5 % marriages in Saptari are of children. Child rights officer Punam Chaudhary says that everyone has to take initiatives from their side to end child marriage. CRG and protection coordinator of Save the Children Makar Sarki said that marriage of children from financially weak families and marginalized communities should stop for the child marriage percentage in the district to go down. Several messages against child marriage were played during the rally.