Subin trusts the treatment and hopes to recover soon

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Subin who was diagnosed with TB infection two months back, is recovering at home under his parent’s care. He was preparing for the final exams of Higher Secondary Level when his cough got worst, and his family took him to a clinic nearby for immediate treatment. He ended up dropping his exams after appearing for two tests. It took him and his family few weeks to seek treatment for TB as it was not diagnosed immediately. He started Directly Observed Treatment Short course (DOTS) immediately after the diagnosis and has completed the two-month intensive phase. 

He is enrolled in DOTS centre being conducted by Japan Nepal Health & Tuberculosis Research Association (JANTRA), Kathmandu, one of the partners of Save the Children. He needs to undergo the treatment for four more months. Despite being it a long journey to recovery, Subin is glad that the cough and the chest pain has subsided, and he’ll be fully recovered in few months’ time. He has exciting plans to pursue post recovery. “I used to have dry cough and shooting pain in my chest whenever I coughed, it stopped immediately after I started DOTS. I am very relieved that I was referred to this DOTS centre, which is nearby where I live and easily accessible”, Subin shares.

Save the Children is the Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund grant in Nepal. Global Fund’s TB program is implemented throughout Nepal in close collaboration with the National Tuberculosis Control Centre (NTCC) in the implementation of the National Tuberculosis Programme. The GF-SCI partners work alongside the government service delivery points in 42 high TB burden districts of Nepal.

JANTRA is one of such partners of GF-SCI which works in Bagmati and Gandaki provinces.  After Subin was diagnosed with TB in National Tuberculosis Control Centre (NTCC), he was immediately enrolled in DOTS centre in JANTRA. Now, Subin goes for a follow-up 4-5 days to DOTS centre where he also collects his TB medications and additional vitamin supplements. JANTRA is also collecting the sputum sample of Subin’s family members. The samples will be tested, and the result is provided on the same day the sample is brought for testing at the site.

Subin who still has weakness and extremely low appetite is having vitamin supplements. “I have to continue this treatment for four more months.  I believe that I will be cured for TB, and I will be able to pursue my higher studies and fulfil my dream of working as a high-level government official,” Subin shares his dreams.

Global Fund’s TB program is being implemented through Save the Children and its partners in 42 districts identified to have high TB burden in Nepal. The program implements extended TB case finding by linking the health facilities to diagnostic centres for TB diagnosis and then to the TB treatment centres for treatment as per the national TB treatment protocol. Contact tracing is also carried out to identify Drug- Resistant (DR) TB cases and link them to DR-TB treatment. The GF-TB program also supports TB referral centre and DR-TB hostel for DR-TB patients. The GF-TB program also supports the National TB program in the procurement of the first line and second-line TB drugs, Gene-Xpert cartridges.  All these services are provided to the patients free of cost through the service delivery points. 9,929 TB cases have been notified and enrolled in treatment in this quarter.