Subhakalika Rural Municipality declares two wards ‘child marriage free'

Sunday 2 January 2022

Subhakalika Rural Municipality declared on 15th December 2021 that two of its wards – 7 and 8 – are now child marriage free. Two Child Rights Committees of the wards in collaboration with the rural municipality with support from Save the Children’s Sahayatra – II project and partner NGO KIRDARC Nepal worked with the community to meet 14 indicators and 20 processes as per child marriage free guideline.


Total 19 likely and actual cases of child marriage were prevented from Ward Child Rights Committee, Police and Child Clubs in 2021. Sahayatra –II project survey had reported 19 incidences of child marriage in Kalikot in (2021) however there had been no child marriage in these two wards in the last two years. The event was

Chaired by by Janak Bahadur Shahi, chairperson of Subhakalika ward no.7 and Khadananda Chaulagain Chair person of Subhakalika Rural Municipality, attended as chief guest.


The highlight of the event was about the future of the declaration and how the wards are going to make sure that child marriage becomes a thing of past in a true sense. Political leaders, government and non-government stakeholders committed to continue campaigning against child marriage including allocating budget to the campaign.  School and teachers pledged to raise awareness about this practice while parents declared that they will not be marrying off their children before the age of 20. Children also committed that they will not be initiating marriages and will continue to campaign against child marriage.