Monday 27 December 2021


Rohaani is a cheerful four-year-old daughter to Lalita – the president of Caregivers Group in a Dalit community of Saptari. Rohaani joined Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centre a year ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her learning at school.

The Caregivers Group was formed in March of 2021 with 20 members. Lalita learned about positive parenting and teaching her child at home using Early Childhood Care and Development method through 10 weekly Integrated Interactive Learning (IIL) sessions conducted in each group. Under the Innovation Fund project funded by Save the Children and implemented by Sabal Nepal, a mini library complete with book hangers, Magic Bag with user guideline and posters was set up at Rohaani’s home where she learns with her mother every single day. The Magic Bag includes various educational playing materials (number/alphabet cards, ball, slate, chalks, colour cards, number dice, sorting container, storybooks in Nepali and Maithili, ludo set and stationery items). 

“Rohaani spends most of her time in this mini library. She loves to play with alphabet and number cards and has started recognizing numbers and alphabets a little”, says Lalita. “I help her learn through the materials while also cooking in the morning and evening”, adds Lalita showing the kitchen table beside the library. Rohaani’s father works in the police force and is mostly on duty, so Lalita has the responsibility to teach her child at home and setting up the library in kitchen helps utilize her time and also teach Rohaani using household items and food items. Rohaani gets excited and shows her mother real vegetables that she saw in her book. The mini library has also taught her to put things back to its respective place and tidying up her things.

 “The IIL sessions have made me realize that parenting should be gentle and friendly instead of scaring children to act disciplined. I used to scare her to sleep by saying a ghost will appear if she does not, but now I read her bedtime stories”, says Lalita. A total of 10 such groups have been formed in Saptari and all members have mini-libraries for their children at home.