Friday 4 October 2019

Digital Storytelling Workshop with 16 teenage girls resulted in these young girls exploring their own lives and communities to tell personal stories through pictures.

From never having touched a camera before to telling a story through visual images, the girls chose issues on their own and went out to the communities to do their own stories. By the end of the workshop the girls came up with 11 very personal stories which was about their family, disability, gender norms and girl’s education. Each of their stories were relatable and based on issues that young girls like them witnessed each day.

The girls also put up an exhibition on their own and showcased the stories to their fellow students and community members.

Sabita, captured her own family’s story showcasing her mother and brother’s mental health issues which is still a topic people in her community rarely discuss or acknowledge. In her story she also highlights how her father has taken up the entire responsibility of their home while also earning a livelihood. Despite her tough life Sabita has a positive outlook on life and continues her education while actively participating in child club activities at her school.

Sadhika who was inspired by a girl named Rina in her community was excited to tell her story through photos. Rina (18) had lost her leg in an accident but despite her disability continued to move forward in life and set examples in her community. She continued her education, helped her family with household chores and even opened a small shop to support her family. Rina was a constant reminder to Sadhika that no matter how difficult life gets one can always find their ray of sunshine.

Similarly, Neelam, one of our enthusiastic participants and our campaign champion documented gender norm practices in her village. Her story focuses on Sonu and Soni who are siblings and believe that girls and boys should be treated equally in all aspects of their lives. Sonu as a boy helps with household chores while also helping sister Soni with her homework. They were both inspired to raise awareness after attending Save the Children’s Choices, Voices and Promises program which was about gender norms.

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