A new school building in Kavre

Thursday 29 March 2018

New School Building of Shanti Buddha School

“Children can be fearless in the school now,” says Bina Maya Tamang, Early Childhood Care and Development facilitator at Shanti Buddha Primary School in Kavre.

Shanti Buddha started 27 years ago with one teacher, nine students, and a cowshed for a classroom. The community worked hard over the years to build a small school building, get teacher training, and improve the quality of education for their children. Their school soon grew from 9 students to 58 students from early childhood development to grade five.

In 2015, the earthquakes in Nepal severely damaged the school.  The community made temporary classrooms out of tarps. Then they worked with the government and Save the Children to create a temporary learning shelter where the students went to school two years after the earthquake. In 2017, they broke ground on a new site for their school.

temporary learning center at Shanti Budha

In February of 2018, the school welcomed children into the six room building fitted with toilet facilities in a new location. The community took up the responsibility of building the school as per the government approved safer school design while working closely with Save the Children’s engineers. After almost three years of studying in temporary classrooms, children in Shanti Buddha Primary School moved into the new building. Buddhi Maya with her young wards moved into the ground floor of the new school building.

Shanti Buddha school old building destroyed by the earthquake

As part of rebuilding schools destroyed by the earthquake in 2015, Save the Children has has been handed over three more school buildings to the community: Devisthan Secondary School and Jan Mohan Secondary School in Kavre, and Janabikash Secondary School in Sindhupalchowk.