Magic Bag for Learning and Fun

Friday 2 July 2021

What is a Magic Bag?

 A Magic Bag is a bag full of magic and fun for children below the age of five. It is filled with learning and playing materials, 11 to be precise. Keeping in mind the prolonged gap in early learning opportunity, Save the Children’s education team took on a creative initiative to help parents support young children to keep learning through play.  

It contains 11 different playing and learning materials including alphabetic and number cards, slate, number dice, ball, color cards, colorful counters, sorting container, crayons, pencil, eraser, sharpener, 10 different books in Maithili and Nepali Language and games. Parents will receive support in the form of ‘how to use the magic bag’ radio show and printed instruction.

Save the Children believes that children’s education should not be affected, not even during the time of crisis. The same is true during the COVID-19 crisis and closure of schools due to the mandatory prohibitory order to curb the effects of the pandemic. All schools nationwide have closed, and children are compelled to stay home with little to no access to education. Although children in major urban areas have access to online classes provided by schools, it is not the same for children in Province 2, where most of the children do not have access to learning materials and mediums while confined to their homes.

Fostering Playful Homes: Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Response to COVID-19 in Sponsorship Program Area is a project that aims to bridge the gap between children and their access to learning during the pandemic. As the name suggests, this project supports in promotion of home-based learning through different activities like educational radio programs and support of learning/playing materials to children under the age of five.

Save the Children has already distributed 5,388 Magic Bags in Mahottari and Sarlahi with support from the LEGO Foundation and implementing partners Ratauli Yuwa Club, Community Family Welfare Association, Rastriya Rojgar Prawardhan Kendra and Rural Women Upliftment Association. By the end of the project, 8,155 children will be supported with Magic Bags in both districts. The project aims to directly reach 16,361 children, caregivers and adults and 21,254 of them indirectly throughout its period.