Kisan overcomes his dislike for school

Thursday 29 March 2018

Kisan (in red shirt) with his brother at tutorial class

Six year old Kisan’s biggest fear was failing to identify the letters his father pointed out in his Nepali textbook.

A year ago, he had enrolled in grade one but he had not leant much. He didn’t like going to school thus was irregular and his teachers were also not regular in school. He started feeling that he was not smart, a lot less smart than his older brother and his friends.

Two months ago when tutorial classes were started in his village, Kisan’s school recommended him as one of the student who needed an extra support to complete grade one. He could hardly recognize alphabets or words when he joined the classes. Tutorials for two hours in the morning and two hours after school have helped boost this young boy’s confidence.

“Kisan is the most regular student in tutorial class,” vouches his tutor Samjhana.

“I come here to learn what I did not know”, Kisan says. “I have already learnt A-P-P-L-E apple, ka, kha, ga (Nepali alphabets) and small a, b, c, d. I have also learnt to write my name both in English and Nepali”, Kisan says triumphantly.

In Saptari, 27 tutorial classes are being conducted to help students like Kisan who have been left behind in the learning process for various reasons. These classes help identify the gap in a child’s learning process and help him or her catch up on lessons. He is facing his first grade final exams in a month’s time and Kisan is feeling confident.

Kisan’s brother Krishna also goes with him to the tutorial class and thinks that both of them are equally smart. When there’s no school, Kisan likes to take goats out to graze. He says that he likes goats because they can be sold to buy food and new clothes.

Tutorial classes have heightened his interest in going to school and he has no fear in facing his father when he asks him questions from his textbook.