Friday 29 June 2018

Youths and parents filling their resume for jobs

“This is the first time I faced an interview and got selected for a job in my own village because of the employment fair. I have only studied till 10th grade and getting a job for people like us is difficult. I am very happy to have this opportunity,” says 22 year old Chandra who had to quit school to support her family. She was one of the many youth who had come to attend the employment fair held in Dailekh inquisitive to find out what it was all about.

The three day long employment fair which was visited by more than 3000 people from three Rural Municipalities (Gurans, Chamunda and Bindrasaini) of Dailkeh was decorated like a carnival with exciting faces across the venue. My excitement was amplified when I saw young boys and girls busy registering their names, scanning through vacancies, preparing their resumes and applying for jobs. Hundreds of youths could actually be seen giving on the spot interview for jobs at the event. Even heavy rainfall did not deter people from attending the event.

Just like Chandra, 25 year old Rabindra was all smiles for having bagged a new job in his own country. He said, “I had never imagined that a job would come searching for me in my own village. I have been hired with basic salary of NPR 9000 and daily allowance of NPR 90.” He used to work in Malaysia after dropping out from grade 12 and returned back home searching for employment in his own village.

Apart from youth one could see parents attending the event too who were looking for jobs on behalf of their children. A 54 year old woman who was scanning through swarms of people and desks was there to fill in employment form for her son who was working in India. The employment fair was a ray of hope for youth who were unemployed and for parents who wanted their children to work in their own country. According to the status report for Nepal by Ministry of Labor and Migration a total of 382871 people have migrated to various countries for employment. However, the open border allows thousands of Nepalese to migrate to India in search of work but most of them remain undocumented.

During the event 1094 youths were identified as unemployed out of which, 129 of them were offered jobs on the spot by private and public institutions after detailed assessment. Many of the youth were able to get information about various vacancies that were available in business institutions and schools. Through public and private partnership a total of 285 youth will be offered jobs motivating them to work in their own country.

The employment fair was one of a kind event held to connect young people with job providers in the market as well as to collect general data of unemployed youths in the area. The event organized by Youth Empowerment Bulgari project in collaboration with Zonal Office, local implementing partner Everest Club and job providers see this event as a step towards discouraging migration of youths for employment.