Wednesday 28 December 2022

Home Schooling is making an impact

"In the orientation, I came to know that home schooling is not always about book lessons but is also about life lessons. For small kids, for example, a parent who is not educated, can teach by making them understand about the vegetables, colors, and household chores,” Balkumari shares her experience.

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Karnali endorses Early Childhood Care and Development Strategy

Karnali Province has endorsed a five-year ECCD Strategy to improve the early development and care outcomes for children in the formative years of their lives.

Monday 26 September 2022

Little Kasbi likes her school bag

Little Kasbi received a student kit as a support from Save the Children. Kasbi is happy that she has a lot of items inside the bag. “I liked the handkerchief, the yellow one the most,” she says. “But I also liked the copies and pencils,” she adds. Kasbi wants to draw a flower in the copy.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Going back to school was smooth for Ghanashyam, thanks to the Reading and Math Club

Saturdays are special days for Ghanashyam (8). It is his favourite day as he gets to come to the Reading and Math Club organized in his school through the Samunnati project in Mahottari.

Monday 27 December 2021


Rohaani spends most of her time in this mini library. She loves to play with alphabet and number cards and has started recognizing numbers and alphabets a little