Thursday 19 January 2023

Shift for Our Planet: Youth demand to make systems accountable for climate justice

Youth campaigners from various parts of Nepal raised their concerns regarding climate change and urged decision makers to invest more towards climate justice.

Monday 7 November 2022

Kamani calls on everyone to plant more trees

“To stop climate change, we should ask the government to make rules to promote tree plantation. Everyone should have to follow strict rules. There will be more trees and people will know themselves what is right and what is wrong."

Sunday 2 October 2022

Practice what you preach

Kaiyum, the young climate activist handles and mobilizes the network of more than 50 children and young people in Madhesh Pradesh of Nepal. Kaiyum however never thought he had the capacity to manage and motivate this large group of young climate enthusiasts. He thinks he learnt the skill with practice and patience.

Tuesday 27 September 2022

Himani has some great suggestions for leaders

Himani has some great ideas on environmental conservation for those in power and for children too.

Thursday 7 July 2022

Generation Hope - Child Hearings in Nepal

Save the Children aims to speak with 50,000 children as part of this process as part of Generation Hope campaign.