Classroom comes to Tek

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Twelve-year-old Tek was born with multiple disabilities. While growing up he developed a keen interest in studying, mainly by seeing his brother go to school.  However, he never had a chance to attend school or learn due to his disabilities.

This year, during the school enrollment campaign Tek with the support of his father was enrolled in grade one at a school close to his home. Nevertheless, his multiple disabilities meant he could not go to school regularly on his own.

To ensure Tek had access to education, he was recommended for home schooling under the Each One Teach concept. Every day a peer tutor comes to his home for three hours to help him with lessons.

He likes to read and write but pictures excite him more. Tek has learned how to write by holding a pen with his foot – recently he was able to write the letter ‘ka’ in Nepali language. He says, “I love reading at home and being able to write is fun.”

His parents too are extremely happy for this new chapter in his life. “I have enrolled him in grade one and I will take him to school whenever I am able to”, says his father.

Tek using his feet to point out letters of the Nepali alphabet

In Achham, Each One Teach One is an approach applied under Save the Children’s Sahayatra Integrated project. Students studying in grade 11 or 12 act as peer tutors who visit children like Tek at their home and support them in learning. These tutors are given a three day training on child rights, child safeguarding, facilitations skills, and working with children and their families. This model focuses on encouragng enrolling out of school children between the ages of eight to fourteen in the formal education system. Each One Teach One made it possible for the school to come to Tek as he cannot go to school.

Teachers, parents and ward chairperson are also supportive of this concept and have assured to continue the each one teach one class to support more children like Tek.