Child Labor Free Ward Mahadevtar

Thursday 29 March 2018


Mahadevtar Ward of Roshi Rural Municipality has been declared as Child Labor Free Ward (CLFW) based on the data that there were no children working in and from their ward. Since 2013, the ward has been reintegrating children who had left home to work and provided them necessary support join normal home life with their families. A join monitoring team comprising of representatives of political parties, child clubs, child protection committees and the ward visited every community in the ward to ensure that child labor did not exist in the ward. A meeting thereafter sent a letter to District Child Welfare Board and Rural/Municipal office to approve the child labor free declaration.

Thus on 14 February, Mahadevtar was declared as child labor free ward amidst a ceremony attended by over 200 people, including the chairman of Rosi Rural Municipality DB Lama and DCWB Chairman Ram Kumar Mulmi.

Speaking at the event, DB Lama called on the community to keep children not just out of work but also out of politics while Ward Chairman Tej Bahardu Magar acknowledged the role played by programs run by Save the Children and local NGO CDS to curb child labor in the ward.

Save the Children with Child Development Society has been working in Kavre from 2013 through income generation support and working with mothers in self-employment and education program so that families are not forced to migrate looking for work.