Child Club members honored at CFLG declaration in Kapilvastu

Tuesday 18 April 2017

District Development Committee Kapilvastu declared Niglihawa VDC a CFLG (Child Friendly Local Governance) on 1 February in the presence of Minister of Federal Affairs and Local Government Hitraj Pandey.

District Development Committee recognized Save the Children and its partner Sunshine Social Development Organization for their contribution to meet the CFLG indicators. Save the Children has been implementing integrated sponsorship program in Niglihawa VDC since 2013 through programs in Early Childhood Care and Development, Basic Education, Adolescent Development, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and School Health Nutrition. . The programs support nine child clubs, one Village Child Protection Committee, 11 Early Child Development and Care Centers, eight schools and one health posts.

After the declaration, two of the child club members, Sita Wagle and Abhishek KC spoke about what CFLG declaration mean for children of Niglihawa VDC. As a former Chairman of VDC Child Club Network and present Chairman of VDC Child Club Network and District Child Club Network, both of them were honored at the program for their contribution to the CFLG declaration.

Abhishek KC-14 (Chairman of VDC level Child Club Network and District Child Club Network from Sirjansil Child Club supported by Save the Children)

After VDC came up with the vision of CFLG, we supported VDC wholeheartedly, raising voice against child marriage, enrolling out of children in school, advocating for sanitation and more.  After years of hard work, we are able to achieve this result we have wanted for children. This day holds a special place in my heart for I believe today onwards we will be the center of planning and implementation of any development activities in our VDCs and our voice will reach the right places.

Sita Wagle-20 (Former Chairman of VDC Level Child Club Network from Lambu Sagar Child Club supported by Save the Children)

I led the child club as a former VDC level Child Club Network at various platforms. We enrolled many out of school children, lobbied with VDC to provide financial support to children to continue school and demanded budget at VDC level. Many things have changed from the day I first joined child club. My own school didn’t have Girl Friendly Toilets but now it’s finally built. Our advocacy worked. I and my friends used to miss school during our monthly periods. I foresee that the CFLG declaration would make all stakeholders act on behalf of children and the next generation doesn’t have to struggle for their rights.