Child Champions: Working with Children for Children

Saturday 3 April 2021


Save the Children and local partners in Karnali, is collaborating with 98 child champions (49 girls and 49 boys) from the working wards of five rural municipalities with the aim of empowering them to be the change agents in their communities. The child champions are provided with platform, opportunities, and support to hone their skills and knowledge so that they can advocate against violence, abuse, child marriage and other issues concerning children in Karnali province.  

The champions learn transferrable life skills, social and communication skills, and higher-order thinking skills. The sessions help in stimulating creative ideas for child-led advocacy initiatives through issue mapping, visioning exercise, SWOT analysis, and developing advocacy action plans, to make them able to advocate for themselves and others.  

The child champions have been participating in various trainings like child journalism from 2019. This year, 56 child champions (40 girls and 16 boys) have participated in two-day training on communication and presentation skills along with sessions on child rights and child protection. In the training, they practiced issue mapping and preparing advocacy plans. Amongst them, 10 children who have been stopping child marriages (some even averted their own) are role models to conduct campaigns and advocacy against child marriages through in-person and virtual platforms.  

After the COVID-19 situation, the child champions from Kalikot, Jajarkot, and Dailekh have received training that has helped them to equip themselves with the skills of using digital devices like mobile, tablet and virtual meeting applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. Furthermore, these champions are also provided with mobile tablets with the collection of awareness-raising on child marriages for group screenings during child club meetings and community gatherings.