Bulgari supports Youth Empowerment in Nepal

Friday 11 August 2017

Bulgari and Save the Children have partnered to walk adolescents and youth into adulthood in a pathway tailored according to their needs that gives them the opportunity to choose and to succeed in their lives. From 2016 until 2020, the Youth Empowerment  Bulgari (YEB) program plans to empower 20,000 marginalized youth aged 12-22 in four countries around the world (Albania, Bolivia, Nepal and Uganda) to achieve their full potential by enhancing their soft skills, building their capacities and improving their economic conditions. In Nepal the program will cover Achham, Bajura, Banke, Dailekh and Kalikot. 

Save the Children walk along with these youth in their journey to success starting from their needs and understanding their vulnerability, following their progress step by step, listening to their dreams and capturing their achievements.


The situation of children and youth in Nepal is poor compared to most of the World. Nepal has one fo the lowest Human Development Index (HDI=0,558 – UNDP 2015) in South Asia. Over 400,000 youth (16-25 years old) of Nepal enter into labor market every year (ADB/SDP mission report 2014). Currently more than 3 million Nepalese youth are working abroad, excluding unaccounted for illegal migrants. More than 82% of the youth migrate as unskilled and underpaid becoming vulnerable to exploitation abroad (ILO Nepal study, 2013/2014). National Population and Household Census 2011 reported that 19.6 % children and youth in hilly district are out of school. 

Uniqueness of the program

Youth in rural areas have little or no access to financial services due to lack of facilities, collateral property and knowledge. To improve the livelihoods of youth, the Youth Empowerment Bulgari (YEB) program implements the Revolving Fund Approach; local cooperatives are trained on how to manage the starting-fun they receive, while youth are eligible to take a loan from their fun after they complete a micro-enterprise training and elaborate a business plan.  Each youth, taking the loan returns the money gradually with 10% interest rate, which automatically expands the fund and gives the opportunity to other youth to access a loan. This mechanism triggers more employment opportunities for youth and reduces unskilled migration.

Since the YEB started we have reached 8,736 chidlren and 8,416 adults directly. YEB's achievements so far:

  • 300 out of school and likely to drop out children benefitted with bursary support (Education materials, scholarship and cash worth NRS 10,000) for one academic year. 99.7% of supported children continued their school till end of 3rd quarter of this academic year. 
  • Out of 334 youths, 256 (77%) have established different kind of trade after being trained on Micro Enterprise (ME) and Vocational Training (VT). They started their own business such as tailoring, house wiring, mobile repairing, retail shops, poultry farming, snacks production, livestock-goat keeping and vegetable farming.
  • 1,508 children and 235 youths benefitted from life skill and financial skill session. According to the annual indicatory survey conducted in December 2016, 74 % children and youths who attended the sessions have acquired skills on emotional management, problem solving and decision-making.
  • 5 youth information centres (YIC) were established in five project districts in close coordination with the District Sport Development Committee (DSDC), Community Forest Users Group (CFUG), District Youth Coordination Committee, Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Youth Clubs and community. Project supported the YIC centres with computer, internet, television, book rack, table, solar set and invertor.
  • 10 cooperatives were selected and their management strengthened to implement revolving fund and child endowment fund. A total of 178 children received supported with medical treatment, food grain, and educational materials through the child endowment fund.