Bir's School at Home

Friday 24 December 2021

Bir (15) was born with multiple disabilities which hindered his desire to go to school. Another reason was his friends, who used to bully him which discouraged him from pursuing education. In order to support children with disabilities like Bir, Save the Children's Sahayatra-II project funded by NORAD provided him with school supplies and a facilitator who would help him navigate education at home. 

With the help of ‘School at Home’ program he is fulfilling his dream of getting an education: He passed grade two by securing third position in class. This has made his parents very happy; they thought Bir would not be able to learn like other children but they are hopeful now. Bir has been studying at his home since 2019. The 'School at Home' concept was implemented with the aim that children with multiple disabilities who are unable to reach school have access to basic education. Children are also enrolled in school at the grade appropriate to his learnign level while One trained facilitator selected in coordination with the school supports children like Bir to learn at home using learning and playing material. The classes are conducted for four hours. 28 other children like Bir are learning at their respective homes. It not only covers the learning aspects, but the facilitator also supports children to develop positive behavior and attitude. Bir who used to shy away from talking to new people now greets the person visiting him with a warm smile.

“My teacher has also taught me to say the home address and contact number of my father in case I forgot my way home,” says Bir with a smile on his face. Bir is very happy that he has passed grade two and is in grade three now. I still remember the first day of class, at that time I had a feeling that I cannot make him learn but now he enjoys a lot in class. It’s nothing less than a huge achievement for me and most importantly for him, says his teacher Durpata.