With AEP, you can always go back to school

Friday 15 June 2018

Children from AEP class

Nine years old Mahesh has had to go through many ups and downs in his young life. He used to live with his mother and step-father. His father passed away four years ago. He recalls that he was not treated well by the family. So he came to live with his aunt. Two years ago, he also dropped out of school when he was studying in grade one. 

Sabina, who is a social mobilizer in Rolpa met Mahesh and his aunt to discuss sending him back to school. His family was keen to send him to school but was concerned about the fact that he would lag behind in class after two years away from the classroom. Sabina gave them a literal alternative – AEP (Alternative Education Class).

AEP is a 100 day long class run for children like Mahesh who have missed out on years of school. The classes are designed to meet the need of students at different levels in an accelerated learning module. AEP helps them catch up with lessons vital for going back to school again.

Mahesh diligently went to AEP class every day, doing his homework in the evenings while also managing to help his aunt with household chores. His teacher Aitamali commends his hard work and says, “Mahesh is a role model for his peers.” Appreciating his teacher, Mahesh says, “She teaches us with care and according to our needs.”

Working hard for 100 days of AEP class has paid off for Mahesh, He recently enrolled in school in grade three, where he was welcomed by the chairperson of the rural municipality, gifting him school supplies.

Mahesh says, “I wanted to join school so that I can become an important person later in life.”

Learning from the three year-long integrated project to reduce migration of children for work, Save the Children started implementing the second phase of the project in 7 wards of a Rural Municipality of Rolpa from early 2018. 114 (36 AEP class and 78 enrolment campaigns) children have joined school in April and May this year.