When five-year-old Raveena’s father passed away, she started drawing scenes of her father’s illness and death at the early childhood development center in Baglung. One of the pictures she drew was of her father’s cremation and her mother crying by the river. Trained in Healing and Education through ART, an art therapy program, her teacher encouraged her to draw as many pictures as she wanted about her father to express her loss until Raveena’s old self emerged. She started playing with her friends once again and making drawings of other people. In 2012, Raveena graduated from the ECD center and is in grade two. She still loves drawing.

Education has the power to transform children’s lives and for generations to come and we see education as a fundamental right of every child. In 21 districts of the country, we focus on bringing out-of-school children into classrooms and keeping them in school, early learning avenues for children in their first few formative years and creating supportive environment in schools.

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD): Our ECCD program ensures that young children get the best possible support during the most crucial first few years of their lives so that they are physically and emotionally healthy and intellectually curious while school readiness programs prepare children to transition to school. We support ECCD center construction, training facilitators, learning material making, encouraging creativity through HEART (healing and education through art) project, parenting education, early stimulation and nutrition programs, and fostering parent’s support for early childhood development.

Basic Education:
Under our basic education program, we work with primary schools, focusing on bringing out-of-school children to school, involving teachers in adopting active teaching and learning methods, and boosting school management committees’ capacity to support child friendly learning in school. We work with schools, teaches and communities to support primary grade children’s early reading, writing and numeracy skills. Through campaigns like Schools as Zones of Peace and Learn without Fear (against corporal punishment), we hope to make schools free of any discrimination, punishment and political interference. We also work with the government, local authorities and schools to Increase accountability and strengthen capacity of education institutions.

School Health and Nutrition:
We believe that health and wellbeing of children is key to school success. We facilitate construction of drinking water and latrine facilities while ensuring that children have access to immunization, de-worming and iron supplements.